Honda X MotoGPIndia

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The aim is to create awareness and engagement for the Honda two-wheeler, Bigwing and Honda racing MotoGP India contest and promote the associated event within the community of Indian motorcycle enthusiasts.


Phase 1:
Partnered with 10 biker influencers to create experiential content integrating our brand into their journeys, targeting specific regions for enhanced exposure.

Phase 2:
Utilized 10 key influencers to promote a contest using our brand Instagram filter and music track, augmented by 500 micro and nano influencers for wider reach.

Phase 3:
Invited five macro influencers from Delhi NCR to attend MotoGP, tasked with creating compelling content to generate buzz around our brand and bike models.


Total Reach: 12M+
No of Contest Entries: 3000+
Engagement Rate: 8.3%
Brand Saw 70% More growth during the overall activity.